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Hertz MLCX2TW.3 Mille Legend Tweeter Woofer Crossover by Hertz

Hertz MLCX2TW.3 Mille Legend Tweeter Woofer Crossover by Hertz

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3 or ML 1800. 3 Legend system, with all the advantages coming from the multi-amplification. 3 tweeter. Bi-amplification available, selectable through appropriate hi-current rating switch with hi-current carrying capability. Three-position switch for tweeter level adjustments in 2 d B steps, to fine-tune thetransducer s emission. 3 woofer together with ML 280. Besides, thanks to the Mid-Contour and Hi-Contour controls, dedicated to the management of woofer cut-off frequency and tweeter cut-off frequency respectively, the cross-point can be varied. 2. Mid-Contour two-position control, for a linear mid-bass frequency response according to the woofers position in the car and the listener s favourite sound. 5. 7. Extremely high quality bi-metallized 160 V polyester film capacitors with ultra-low DF, for maximum sound transparency and neat mid/hi-frequencies. 3 car audio crossover provides the ability to realize a bi-amplified system, that is, to connect two amplifiers, or anyway two separate channels, to the crossover, so making it possible to drive woofer and tweeter separately. Mid-Contour in conjunction with Hi-Contour provides the ability to use MLCX 2 TW. 3 to build a two way system based on ML 1650. 8. Hi-Contour two-position control, to select the tweeter hi-pass crossover point selection according to the tweeter position/angle towards the listener. Through each of these two Contour controls, featuring a two-position selector, the system frequency response can be fine-tuned, adjusting it according to the different acoustics of the cars and the different speaker placements and, most of all, the listener can achieve their favourite sound.

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