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KYB 554395 Gas-A-Just Shock Absorber - Front by KYB

KYB 554395 Gas-A-Just Shock Absorber - Front by KYB

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The combination of high pressurised nitrogen gas and all weather fluid creates the ideal shock absorber for both standard and performance vehicles. Both the extension and compression valves are located in piston for quick response to forces in either direction. Features : Breakage is reduced by seamless eye ring mountings. Large diameter seamless steel cylinders resist splitting. Oil leakage is reduced by self-sealing packing. Nitrogen (N2) gas keeps all-weather fluid under constant high pressure, preventing foaming and aeration. GAS-A-JUST KYB Gas-A-Just Shock Absorbers are designed for cars that require precise control and a high coefficient of traction with any road surface. Hard chromed piston rod reduces wear, minimises friction. Gas-A-Just belongs to the category of self-adjustable shock absorbers - this functionality is provided by the use of a specially designed valve system, weather resistant shock absorber and high-pressure nitrogen. Internal top out bump stop protects the shocks internals on extreme extension. Gas and fluid are completely separated by a floating dividing piston featuring special patented O-ring design. . Provides consistent control regardless of temperature because the all-weather fluid remains near constant viscosity. Designed as original equipment for many vehicle manufacturers, this complete self-adjusting mono-tube shock absorber minimises bounce and sway, to ensure superior steering and cornering response. Constant performance from wear resistant piston ring. Single tube design reduces heat build-up.

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