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Motul Inugel Optimal -37C 1L by MOTUL

Motul Inugel Optimal -37C 1L by MOTUL

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With years of accomplishments in many forms of motorsport and OEM partnerships with Nismo (Nissan), Suzuki, Subaru, Brabus and many more, you can be assured that when you purchase 1 litre of MOTUL's Inugel Optimal -37 C from Automotive Superstore, you are receiving top quality and consistently reliable MOTUL product every time. Inugel Optimal uses Organic technology to reduce the operating temperature of the engine and to maintain full power. Anti-scaling and longlasting anti-corrosion protection throughout the cooling system. 3 PORSCHE/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA/VW TL-774 D (=G12) TL-774 F (=G12+) RENAULT RNUR 41-01-001 / S TYPE D FIAT 9. Insist on quality, insist on engineering expertise, insist on MOTUL. FEATURES APPLICATION COOLANTS AND ANTIFREEZES PRODUCT RANGE CAR, GARDENING OEM APPROVALS ASTM D3306/D4656 BS 6580 KSM 2142 MB 326. Ready to use coolant. 55523 FORD/JAGUAR/LAND ROVER WSS-M97 B44-D SAAB/OPEL/GM 6277 M MAZDA MEZ MN 121 D ROVER MITSUBISHI JAGUAR. MOTUL's Inugel Optimal -37 C, Power and protection (-37 C / -35 F).

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