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Ere Perez Eco Pencil Sharpener by Ere Perez

Ere Perez Eco Pencil Sharpener by Ere Perez

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It also has a pick in the body to help dislodge any shavings that get stuck - perfect! Ere Perez was born in Mexico into a family with a long standing history of natural therapies and science. Ere Perez is now an international and local brand and is well respected for providing natural beauty products. Ere emigrated to Australia 15 years ago and created the wonderful Australian brand, Ere Perez. She combined her family traditions with extensive study in this space. We love them, especially the mascaras, and we're delighted to have this brand at Flora & Fauna!. Ere learnt family skills from a young age and soon learnt how to make her own makeup, skin and beauty treatments. Ere Perez's Eco Sharpener will sharpen your pencils with precision and care and it's biodegradable! The blade is recyclable made from the highest quality carbon steel to give your pencils perfect pointed tips.

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