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Gator GTRAK4QB Vehicle GPS Tracker 12 24v by Gator

Gator GTRAK4QB Vehicle GPS Tracker 12 24v by Gator

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There are no ongoing costs for the tracking software, the only additional part required to allow the tracker to work is a Mobile Sim Card (sold separately) that has both cell and data. Should thieves get away with the vehicle or equipment before the user can respond, the module has a built-in rechargeable back-up battery that will provide power if the device is disconnected from a power supply, allowing the vehicle to still be tracked during this time. Gator GTRAK4 QB GPS Tracker is a simple and affordable tracking solution for companies, fleets and personal use. For most applications, a plan of approximately $20 per month will provide sufficient call, text and data requirements. The free web-based monitoring system which can be accessed on your computer or smartphone, lets you track your vehicle and equipment in real-time and review the history on an interactive map with details on direction, speed and more. A number of alerts can be enabled on the GTRAK4 QB to alert users via SMS of a possible vehicle theft including vibration (shock to the vehicle), displacement (vehicle movement), tamper with the tracker and power cut-off to the tracker. The GTRAK4 QB also includes a relay and wiring that allow an immobilisation circuit to be connected to either the fuel or electrical circuit in the vehicle, this can then be activated remotely and will engage when the vehicle is travelling below 20km/h. GTRAK4 QB offers various security measures including alerts, remote immobilisation and geo-fencing. Up to three GTRAK4 QB can be accessed from one log in making this tracking solution ideal for companies and fleet operators.

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