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Motul Multipower Plus 5W30 5L Engine Oil by MOTUL

Motul Multipower Plus 5W30 5L Engine Oil by MOTUL

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Suitability for E85 applies only to OEM engines. For highly tuned engines and motorsport, use Sport 5 W40, Sport 5 W50 or Motul 300 V for the ultimate in performance and protection. OE Warranty is maintained. Use 8100 X-max 0 W40 for very sharp engine response in low to mid range and improved protection in high heat conditions. For modern engines fitted with low-tensile piston rings potentially causing oil loss, use 6100 Synergie Plus 5 W40 or H-tech Prime 5 W40. Insist on quality, insist on engineering expertise, insist on MOTUL. Appreciated by users for the improved engine cleanliness, foam suppression, low evaporation and smooth power delivery. Designed for modern 'flex-fuel' systems providing additional acid resistance, preventing rust and corrosion. Motul Multipower Plus 5 W30 is Technosynthese oil. For heavy duty applications such as towing or off-road driving, use 8100 X-cess 5 W40. Caution : Multipower Plus 5 W30 is designed for fuel economy and is not suitable for high performance applications. With years of accomplishments in many forms of motorsport and OEM partnerships with Nismo (Nissan), Suzuki, Subaru, Brabus and many more, you can be assured that when you purchase 5 litres of MOTUL's Multipower Plus 5 W30 5 L from Automotive Superstore, you are receiving top quality and consistently reliable MOTUL product every time. A high quality general service semi-synthetic engine oil by European standards for use in modern petrol engines that require the specifications below. Use 8100 X-cess 5 W40 or 6100 Synergie 15 W50 for tuned pushrod engines with mild cam profiles (Lift, duration, ramp) and/or moderate valve spring pressure (.

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