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Motul 2100 Classic 15W50 2L Engine Oil by MOTUL

Motul 2100 Classic 15W50 2L Engine Oil by MOTUL

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The 1st ever semi-synthetic was produced by Motul in 1966 and labelled Motul 2100. Motul 2100 Century 15 W50 is premium semi-synthetic oil that is perfectly suited to engines & gearboxes built between 1970 and 1980. Motul is a leading cooperative partner with the World Association of Historic Vehicle Clubs (FIVA) to ensure the longevity of classic, vintage and historic drivelines for the enjoyment of future generations. Motul is also the official partner of VW Classic Parts, Brabus Classic Mercedes Benz, Bosch Boxberg Klassik and many more. With years of accomplishments in many forms of motorsport and OEM partnerships with Nismo (Nissan), Suzuki, Subaru, Brabus and many more, you can be assured that when you purchase 2 litres of MOTUL's 2100 Classic 15 W50 from Automotive Superstore, you are receiving top quality and consistently reliable MOTUL product every time. For use in either petrol or diesel engines and appreciated mostly for the modern detergent level ensuring compatibility with paper / felt / cork gaskets as well as compatibility with the bearings & metals of that era. For classic, vintage or historic engines that have been rebuild using modern components, use Motul 300 V for the best results. Owners of classic era cars and motorcycles, concourse or otherwise, use Motul 2100 Century 15 W50. The current Motul 2100 Century 15 W50 is an improved version of the original product and remains era-specific. High quality engine oil flush additives are encouraged, however do not use leave-in additives ('performance improvers') with any Motul engine oil products.

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