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Audison C2O Coax To Optical by Audison

Audison C2O Coax To Optical by Audison

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For maximum ease of use in cars, the C2 O independently selects the input with priority assigned to the AUX-IN. or. 5 mm mini Jack (also 4 poles) with Audison processors featuring an optical digital input compatible with the resolution of the signal sent to the C20. Full DA - Full Digital Audio Pure digital signal transfer with a resolution up to 24 bit / 48 k Hz. . USE The C2 O interface converts the signals coming from the coaxial digital input and from the analog AUX-IN into a TOSLINK optical digital output signal (up to 24 bit/192k Hz). With the default setting, after 6 seconds of no analog signal, the C2 O moves to the coaxial digital input. FEATURESHi-Res audio According to the definition of Hi Res audio provided by JAS (Japan Audio Society - jas-audio. The AUX-IN input is equipped with a pre-amplifier with adjustable gain of 0. An internal switch allows for the time before the switch to be set to 9 or 12 seconds. Thanks to its extreme compactness, the C20 can be installed in a hidden position on the dashboard, drastically reducing the length of the cabling between the portable player and the receiving device nullifying in this way any issues with interfacing. 1 V 2 V for an optimal coupling with each device before the Analog-Digital conversion is performed by a high quality converter at a resolution of 24 bit/48 k Hz. The conversion allows the integration of the new Hi-Res portable devices equipped with coaxial digital output (75 O) and smartphones with analog output on 3. jp), C2 O achieves the 24 bit / 96 k Hz digital to analog conversion processing requirement.

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