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Whiteline KTA252 VW Golf Mk7 Front Control Arm by Whiteline

Whiteline KTA252 VW Golf Mk7 Front Control Arm by Whiteline

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In addition Whiteline has engineered significant geometry gains with -0. 0deg caster improvements into these arms to optimise wheel alignments settings for street and track performance. The reduction in weight of the arm, which is partly unsprung weight, brings the similar benefits to a light alloy wheel. Complemented by a front bushing utilizing an oversized heavy duty crush tube, resulting in dramatic improvements to steering precision, most noticeably reduced 'toe-change' during hard cornering, creating impressive turn-in ability! The more positive location of the arm through the range of suspension movement and gains in alignment geometry ensures the car feels more responsive and engaging at turn-in, mid corner and corner exit. Throw this altogether and the small change in additional caster improves the front-end grip and handling considerably. Furthermore the increase in caster improves traction and increases the self-centering effect of the steering. Kit Contents : 2 Arms, Install Guide, Grease. Caster increases dynamic negative camber on the outside wheel whilst turning, offering more grip without introducing the tyre wear associated with static negative camber. Internal grease reservoirs provide continual self lubrication for optimum friction management. Install guide included providing detailed instructions on how to install your new Whiteline purchase. This Whiteline kit is covered by a 3 Year / 60,000kms warranty. These Whiteline front lower control arms feature high-quality alloy, which offers considerable weight saving over original equipment quality arms.

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