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Clutch Industries R2601NHD Heavy Duty Clutch Kit Subaru

Clutch Industries R2601NHD Heavy Duty Clutch Kit Subaru

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This includes (from date of purchase) parts. Such activities include : Towing Engine modification Delivery driving Trade use R2601 NHD suits various Subaru WRX, Impreza, Forester and Liberty vehicles. Alogical choice for those who demand relentless reliability. It is equally comfortable navigating congested city streets. Please contact one of Automotive Superstore's experts or submit a Parts Checker request above to confirm exact fitment for your vehicle. HD clutches have minimum of 20% increase in torque capacity, that provides a reduction in 'slip' while simultaneously increasing the delivery of power over a wider horsepower range. Clutch Industries Heavy Duty Clutch New to CI is the Heavy Duty (HD) clutch system a tough, no-nonsense clutch upgrade. Clutch Industries (CI) is a full service clutch manufacturer, manufacturing clutch kits, clutch cover assemblies, clutch plates and flywheels. The HD clutch is built to endure the rugged demands of workhorse vehicles. Heavy Duty CI Warranty Policy CI Heavy Duty Products (HD) warranty period is 3 years or 50,000 kilometers (which ever occurs first) from date of purchase. With more than 60 years of local design, development and manufacturing experience, we have become the largest and most experienced clutch manufacturer in Australia. The HD clutch system is ideal for vehicles involved in activities that subject standard clutches to higher than usual loads. We are uniquely placed in terms of both experience and capabilities to provide the widest range of professionally engineered products in the market today.

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