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Motul M4 Hands Clean 100ml by MOTUL

Motul M4 Hands Clean 100ml by MOTUL

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With years of accomplishments in many forms of motorsport and OEM partnerships with Nismo (Nissan), Suzuki, Subaru, Brabus and many more, you can be assured that when you purchase 100ml of MOTUL's M4 Hands Clean 100ml from Automotive Superstore, you are receiving top quality and consistently reliable MOTUL product every time. Launched in 2011, Motul MC Care line has been developed to fully maintain and care for the motorcycle, the motorcyclist and their equipment. Product category : Motorcyclist and Equipment Care Motul MC CARE M4 Hands Clean cleans hands without water. . Insist on quality, insist on engineering expertise, insist on MOTUL. Each part of the motorcycle needs specific care. Non-aggressive dermatologically tested formula, does not dry the skin. Dissolves grease, oil and other stubborn dirt.

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